Specialized Solution

Provide comprehensive service to build internationally standardized laboratories


Runda Medical dedicated in promoting the quality management of Chinese clinical laboratories to be in line with international standards, focus on satisfy and lead the rapidly growing market demand of quality management in Chinese clinical laboratories. We introduce international advanced quality management concepts, theories and technologies as basis for localized modification. In this area, we have achieved a high starting point and high bench mark in team building, software development, product quality and service system.

Comprehensive Solution

    From the perspective of building quality management system for clinical laboratory, it is divided into five parts: Pertrol™ 3rd Party QC material, Qualitrol™ QC Relative Accessories (including Method Evaluation Control Materials), Q-university™ Quality Management Education and international certification/assessment, Q-expert™ Quality Management Software and Q-seeker™ Method Evaluation Service. These are the components of a comprehensive solution for quality management in clinical laboratory that proposed by Runda Medical in accordance to the past experiences and national condition of China.