Integrated Service

A trustworthy comprehensive service provider

Overall Description

Runda Medical has established strategic cooperation with most domestic and multi-national well-known IVD brands, together with self-developed products that could achieve seamless connection with clinical practice. In order to meet personalized needs, we deploy customized software and hardware for clinical laboratories to pursuit for optimization. High-quality and efficient supply chain that covers more than 15,000 reagents could provide "centralized purchase, unified distribution" service. This platform is built with a strong bargaining power and channel service capabilities.

Runda Medical has accumulated rich experience of comprehensive service management for clinical laboratories in the past many years. We provide personalized solutions, optimized equipment combination, and cost-effective reagents for customers according to their size and actual situation. Meanwhile, we choose suitable Laboratory Automation System to increase level of automation, improve work efficiency, and reduce labor cost of clinical laboratories.

Currently, Runda Medical is able to provide fully open LAS that allow the connection of different brands and types of diagnostic equipment, provide custom-made efficient automation solutions.